Sunday, June 26, 2016


Interregnum: to a room with a view

Yes, a big word. But I needed a big word for what has been a big break on this blog. I've been busy over at project 365 ( on a daily basis, sometimes bordering on things political but not to the extent I should have been. 

The last time I posted, there was a degree of despair at the Australian higher education system. After a period away o combined study and long service leave, one had hoped to return refreshed and with new promise. 

It didn't happen. Despite my best efforts. Perhaps it was the moment that I was turned down to start up a tai chi group on campus for being 'exclusionist' or the ongoing bureaucratisation of academic autonomy and professional respect...hard to know just which piece of straw broke this camel's back. 

Then, one day, an incoming email offered a complete change. A big step. But here I am.  

A Japanese university, Musashino University in Tokyo, offered me a permanent position in the Department of Political Science. I have time to teach, time to read, time to think.

And time to write. 

It seems like the right time to start writing again. 

The actual view from my actual room at work. A port on Tokyo Bay.

There'll be more regular posts and the ideas start to flow again.