Monday, April 9, 2012

A post in three parts: an explanatory note

A post in three parts

As a new-ish blogger, I’m still coming to terms with the question, ‘What is a reasonable blogging frequency?’ Is it when I have something to say? (That could be every day.) Is it best to confine my thoughts to a weekly post? And what about the times when there is going to be so much to say that I have to break up a post into manageable, readable chunks? This week’s blog is one of those…a post in three parts. The first two weeks of the new regime in Queensland has some of us wondering whether this is going to reinvigorate or recess the state of politics and politics of this state…

The posts in order are:
Part 1: Hubris and humility
Part 2: Women in politics
Part 3: ‘Politics is not a TV show’

They inter-relate, but you can read them separately, or in any order you choose. But most of all, the lesson is we need to be engaged with our politics and politicians—there is something to be said about the truism, ‘we get the politicians we deserve’—we just need to think about that.

By the way, I am working on building in more features to the blog. It's just at the moment, I have more things I want to say than I have time to make a silk know the rest...